Message from Christine (Panto Director)

As director of  pantomime by the Rojales Pantomime group “Aladdin” “Dick Whittington” “Cinderella” and our last hilarious “Sleeping Beauty” I would like to thank all members, cast and crew alike for their dedication and hard work because believe me it is hard work most of the year through. They were by no means perfect but audience and cast thoroughly enjoyed it and it showed by the audience reaction on the way out of the Theatre.

Some of the cast had never been on stage before, others had never taken a lead role so I thank them for a job well done, We may not be as professional as some but we make the audience laugh and enjoy it as much we are enjoying it. This shows by the audience reaction. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way. At the end of the day the idea is to raise money for local charities so thanks go to all involved, Watch local papers for presentations to the chosen charities we will be donating to.
Watch out for next years production (could be Puss in Boots!!!)

Christine Smith.

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